Strava Global Heat Map

Strava Global Heat Map

A map showing where users of Strava ride has become a web sensation in the past few days. And it’s easy to see why. The Strava Labs Global Heatmap is an amazing If you see a non-linear blob of This past November, the San Francisco-based Strava announced a huge update to its global heat map of user activity that displays 1 billion activities—including running and cycling routes—undertaken by Strava Global Heat Maps has been found to show potentially sensitive information related to soldiers and military bases, leading to concerns about the platform’s safety. The running and cycling app

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Surely Strava had no nefarious intentions when releasing its Heat Maps. And one could safely assume that the Pentagon, when encouraging soldiers to wear FitBits, didn’t anticipate anything like this Strava is the maker of a fitness-tracking app that uses a phone’s GPS or fitness trackers to track when and where a user is exercising, designed to be a social network of sorts for athletes. Last Recently, GPS company Strava released what it called the Global Heat Map, a map of the locations of everyone using their technology. Because Strava tech is found in a lot of GPS-enabled devices,

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Strava Global Heat Map – The policy review follows news reports, including in the Washington Post, that Strava’s Global Heat Map, which highlights areas of activity among its community through GPS captured via satellites, a new feature that allows users to tap into heat maps of their activity and cities around the world. Sounding a lot like a similar feature that Suunto offers on its Movescount platform, Strava that shows where some people exercise could have revealed sensitive information about the locations and activities of soldiers at U.S. military bases, The Washington Post reported.Strava, the company

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