Redwood City Zoning Map

Redwood City Zoning Map

tool for viewers to search by address within Redwood City. In addition, the map includes a number of layers that provide context for the buildings, like City owned trees (represented in 3D), Mobile home parks are a particular zoning designation according to the Redwood City municipal code. And, as is clear in a zoning map obtained from the city website, there is a very limited amount of FN:5 In its answer, it indicated its view that the “lots within the Project area are legal conforming lots created by a tentative map in 1926, which lots do not conform with the current requirements

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The Redwood City Planning Commission is set to decide Tuesday whether to approve a 131-townhouse development along the waterfront that requires a zoning map amendment. Submitted by Strada Investment “You could be 1,000 feet from a school and be in downtown Redwood City, but I’m not interested in this,” Seybert said. “One thousand feet could put you in a place with unintended consequences.” The City of Redwood City provided a brief update on the proposed project The project includes a request for General Plan and Zoning Map Amendments. The site is currently mostly vacant and was

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Redwood City Zoning Map – The Commission will provide the Redwood City Council with a recommendation on the project’s environmental impact report and a zoning map amendment in April. The council will then hold a public hearing Although this community still exists on a map, in spirit it is long gone I really wouldn’t want to. Much has been made of Redwood City’s downtown transformation, but at least we’ve gained a lively A map from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission with Three people displaced in Pacifica house fire After restricting second-story granny units, Redwood City to limit home sizes Bay Area home

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