Palestine On A Map

Palestine On A Map

Again, Google is accused of political bias against Palestine in what contradicts the company’s stated policy and its commitment to human rights. Recently, Google users have noticed the inability to Welcome to the present. Welcome, for example, to Google Maps. Google Maps has done to Palestine what Big Brother was unable to do to Winston’s newspaper clipping. An indigenous civilization has long New Zealand’s government recently erased Israel from the map in a “factsheet” on Palestine marred by numerous factual inaccuracies and minimal nuance, provoking outcry from Jewish and Israeli voices.

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A map displayed during a Georgia middle school’s “Multicultural Night” that replaced the entire state of Israel with Palestine has drawn condemnation from parents and the school district. Several FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A map depicting Israel as Palestine has left some Fulton County parents upset about a middle school multicultural night. The idea of the event was to have families come and share Parents are fuming over a map display that was presented at a recent cultural event at a Georgia middle school which featured “Palestine” in place of present-day Israel, local news station 11Alive

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Palestine On A Map – Many of us driving around today use GPS (global positioning systems) and Satnav (satellite navigation) technology in our car to help us get from A to B. Whether it’s simply trying to find the quickest Morocco’s Ministry of Education denied rumors on social media regarding a school book with a map that was said to omit Palestine. The ministry released a statement saying that it “categorically denied It was the British who paved the way for the Nakba, the bloody founding of the state of Israel marked by the massacre and mass expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland.

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